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Easy access to your users' DNA data

Our free API allows you to connect directly with user DNA data. We deal with the hassles of DNA file uploads, sample collection, and genotype imputation. Set up an account and start building products with Gencove.  

Learn how users use Gencove  

Benefits of building with the Gencove API

Instant and easy access to users with DNA data

With our API users connect directly with your app using their Gencove account. We process every DNA file format out there so you won’t have to worry about the challenges that come with file uploads and compatibility.

Additional imputed file, much more genomic data

Work with all the variants in the genome. For every user we perform genotype imputation in less than 10 minutes. Imputed VCF files are compatible across all the genotyping platforms.

Cost-effective sequencing and sample collection logistics

With Gencove you can also invite users with no DNA data to get sequenced for only $59.99. You get:

  • Low-coverage whole genome sequence of the user sample.
  • Full saliva sample collection logistics (including two-way shipping).
  • Optionally offset the cost of the kits for your users.
  • Incentives: your users get all the benefits of a Gencove account.

Learn more about the benefits of low-coverage whole genome sequencing here

Plans and custom solutions
  • Unlimited user DNA file uploads
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Email support
  • All the Basic plan features
  • Custom analysis pipelines
  • Dedicated support

Frequently asked questions

Don’t find your question? Email us at

What is the advantage of using an API instead of requesting a file upload?

User uploads can come from many different companies and in many different formats, and user errors mean that files are sometimes corrupted. User uploads also are not possible on mobile devices. We handle all of these issues, and standardize the genomic data using imputation. Once a user has their data on Gencove, it’s available to you whether the user reaches your site on desktop or mobile.

What data are available through the API?

The data you can request from a user include the original genotype/sequencing data (e.g. a sequencing BAM file or an ancestryDNA text file), an imputed VCF, an ancestry summary for the individual and (if applicable) a microbiome summary.

What is genotype imputation?

Genotype imputation is a method for using measured genetic variants to fill in the “missing” ones that have not been measured. It works because we know from thousands of sequenced genomes that there are set of genetic variants that are all found together, and so if you measure one of them you can guess with high probability to remainder. Learn more on Wikipedia.

What reference panel do you use for imputation?

We currently use the 1000 Genomes Phase 3 reference panel. We are experimenting with the Haplotype Reference Consortium data, if you have specific reference panel needs, please contact us at

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