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Connect with apps and research

Get your ancestry map and choose what else to do with your DNA data. Discover a growing community of apps and research projects.

Explore Your Ancestry

Explore your ancestry

See where your ancestors lived and compare your results with your friends!

by Gencove

New! Relative Radar

New! Relative Radar

Find your genetic relatives. Learn more here.

by Gencove

Discover Your Microbiome

Discover your microbiome

Bacteria and viruses that live in your mouth

by Gencove



Explore the genetics of happiness

by USC Behavioral and Health Genomics Center



Various genetics apps

by GenePlaza



The genetic basis of sleep

by Gencove

How does it work?

V2icon Input

1. Input DNA data

Upload your existing DNA data for FREE or get sequenced with Gencove for only $59.99.

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V2icon Connect

2. Explore and connect

Get Gencove apps for free. Connect with external DNA apps and research.

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3. Track your activity

Track and manage your activity and connections and securely store your DNA files.

Upload your data once or get sequenced and do more with your DNA.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t find your question? Email us at

How long will it take to get my results?

If you upload existing DNA data, we usually process it within around 30 minutes. If you send in a saliva collection kit, results take 6-10 weeks from when the sample is returned to Gencove.

What technology do you use to sequence my DNA?

If you upload an existing DNA file, we use genotype imputation to ‘fill in’ some of the missing genetic variants that were not directly measured. If you send in a saliva sample, we run an ultra-low-coverage genome sequencing assay on the Illumina platform. The exact sequencing specs are variable across runs, but we’re generally in or near the range suggested by Pasaniuc et al. (2012) of 0.1–0.5x genome coverage.

Will I have access to my raw data?

Absolutely. If you upload an existing DNA file, you will have access to an additional imputed VCF file. If you send in a saliva sample, you will have access to the sequencing reads (in BAM format) and an imputed VCF file.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Unfortunately we do not yet ship outside of the US, though we hope to in the future.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

The privacy policy is available here.

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